What Does Robot As A Service Mean To Businesses?

The new tech has developed to extreme height and we are now witnessing uses of robot in industries.

When we speak of technology, terms like  AI and the works that a robot can do are quite inevitable to mention. Another list of shared services that are on the rise apart from the ones you know is Robot as a Service (RaaS).

The use of robots has increased efficiency in industries prompting to come up with even a better idea where robotics will be used to enhance businesses further. So then, what is RaaS and how will it help businesses and enterprises in the near future?

What Is Robot As A Service (RaaS)?

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What Does Robot As A Service Mean To Businesses?

The first thing you need to know is that Robot as a service is a business model. This business model uses robotic automation for leasing purposes. The subscribers or users of RaaS are able to lease the robotic equipment and also having access to a cloud-based service that they don’t have to purchase. RaaS helps businesses to enhance performance and cut on expensive costs since you do not have to purchase the equipments or take care of maintenance fees.

Why Should Businesses Engage RaaS Into Their Operations?

It is every business’s motive to cut on cost and maximize profits. With RaaS, enterprises are assured maximum profits since it aids in cutting down some expenses for the business. So, how does Robot as a service program aid in enhancing the business’s goals?

This new technology has proved to be of value compared to other previous robotic programs. RaaS has come along with a lot of improvements including flexibility, scalability, and relatively lower entry costs compared to the pioneers. This is good news for both small scale and medium businesses since it is affordable for them to use this program. We can clearly see efficiency in its clearest form since businesses incur low costs to use this program. A program that enhances the performance of businesses and even takes them to the next level.

An enterprise with long term vision will see it fit to replace low-paying human jobs with the use of a robot. The reason behind this is that the RaaS program is quite expensive at the start but has massive long term returns to the business. RaaS is also flexible to the changes in the market dynamics and customer requirements. It adapts quickly since it can be programmed as per the business needs and guess what? It can aid in scaling up and down of your business.

Which Are Some Of The Robot As A Service Platforms In The Market?

Robots have made lots of impacts in the field of business which has prompted service providers to incorporate and engage RaaS in their activities. Some of the platforms where medium and small scale businesses can enjoy RaaS services include the following.

Google has come up with Google Cloud Robotics Platform that has integrated AI, cloud, and robotics which will enhance service provision. This platform is the key to an ecosystem where automation will solve some of the problems that are cloud-based. Robots will be used in the process to oversee and enhance the results of automation.

Honda has also made its presence felt by coming up with Honda RaaS Platform. This platform acts as a service provider to different companies by enabling data sharing services. The aim of this platform is to enhance support and robotic corporations among different companies. The use of RaaS here will enable efficiency and cut on some of the expenses that come along with ownership.

Amazon is also a key player in this sector. It is promoting Amazon Web Services RoboMaker that will combine powerful technology like AI, Machine Learning and Analytics. This will enhance their business and even skyrocket their market in terms of client-base.

Microsoft is also a lover of technology and has accepted the challenge. In return, they want to use the potential of windows 10 to make robots that use Robotic Operating Systems. This is meant to set the pace for the development of more powerful and intelligent robots.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of This Program To Industries?

One of the misconceptions that many people have is that RaaS has a natural inclination towards the automotive industry. The truth is that RaaS is influencing key sectors like agriculture, health, manufacturing, and even retail.

There is a deficiency in the labor markets and many industries are now shifting their attention to an efficient way of employment. The health industry is investing in robots for surgeries and other similar tasks. This has proven to be efficient and effective in terms of accuracy in performance and costs. The manufacturing industry, on the other hand, is adopting the use of robots in warehouses and silos. These robots are used to manage and man the premises. Their results have been spectacular and every decision made by the robots can be accounted for hence aiding ineffectiveness.

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What Does Robot As A Service Mean To Businesses?

Robots are also used by disaster management departments to save lives and go to places where humans can’t reach. The robots here are no limited to any location or any environment hence aiding in the success of the departments’ operations. The retail sector is also benefiting by the use of robots in foretelling analytics as well as customer management services.

The use of the Robot as a service is developing and growing rapidly. In the future years, we will be able to embrace this program and attest to its importance and significance in transforming and shaping of businesses.

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