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Ways to Boost your Online Business

Online Business

Startups often face the dilemma of boosting and promoting their businesses. They constantly think of ways to reach a wider customer base. Here are some ideas which will help you boost your online business.

Conduct an Online Contest

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As everyone is hooked to the online world today, it would be a clever decision to host an exciting contest online for all those who love spending time on their smart phones. You can conduct simple quizzes and share contest updates. You can, this way, engage your audience, create a sense of excitement. You can even announce exciting prices to generate greater interest. 

For Example: Photo contests are usually hosted by many brands on Facebook or Instagram. You can conduct quirky photo contests like ‘ Best Mother and Son Pic’ and so on. Recipients will get attracted by your prize and will be encouraged to share their pics. This will create your brand presence and the impact of your brand on the person’s mind for a very long time.

Send Text Promotions

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If you to keep it simple and effective, then text promotions by bay of SMS or MMS are very good too. These short and sweet messages give a constant reminder to the recipient about your brand. You can send targeted clients and customers and also attach your landing page links or promotional offers links in these SMS.

For Example: Dominoes lures its customers by sending exciting promotional offers and coupon codes on weekends and sometimes even in mid-week, via text messages. 

Create a Customer Referral Program

This is one of the best ways to boost your customers and clientele. When you develop a customer referral program and let your customers know about the attractive discounts and offers they can enjoy on bringing referrals, you gain many new customers very quickly. Your old customers, obviously want to enjoy benefits and hence recommend your brand to their friends and relatives.

For Example: Certain gyms offer discount packages for couples and hence many people are more inclined towards going with their partners. This gets them a good discount and gets the gym more clients.

Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Surveys are great ways to know where your brand stands in the market and how do people like your products. Conduct an online survey or send it on SMS or Facebook. You can sum up the average reviews to know if your brand needs improvisation or not. To make it more exciting, you can even announce a winning amount for one lucky customer.

For Example: Titan Eye Plus sends a customer satisfaction survey SMS message and on Email and request their customers to fill in the one-minute form. 

Make your Loyal Customers Feel Privileged

You can do that by conducting a special event for all your loyal customers such as hosting a small informal get together or give them free services on their birthdays. 

For Example: Audi holds special events for loyal and old customers once a year, where everyone can meet each other and feel a part of the Audi family.

These are some surefire ways to boost your online business.

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