Top 5 Innovations That Will Define Businesses In 2020

The future innovations are worth the wait for the success and effeciency in businesses.

Terms like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Language, Blockchain, and many more tech advancements are not new to many of us, right? In that same manner, many software innovations are on the rise and it is almost impossible to predict what will come out next. There have been many innovations that helped ease life in 2019, and we are still hoping that a lot will come to make life even better in 2020.

We are hoping for some goodies in tech advancements as we usher a new year. We are hopeful that different sectors will benefit from tech innovations in 2020. So then, which are some of these innovations to watch out for in 2020?

The Innovation Of 5G Networks

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Top 5 Innovations That Will Define Businesses In 2020

Some of you have used the 5G network and have attested to the faster browsing experience. With 5G network innovation, everything will actually be faster. The innovation of this network has paved the way for the development of wifi 6. The new wifi 6 will be a great improvement in today’s wifi 5. This simply means that it will enable a lot of connections from one source of a network at a time and that it will increase the downloading speed to approximately 3X faster.

The innovation of the 5G network promises a good future for our businesses in the near future. The motor company will be able to integrate this network to come up with driverless cars and some more efficient drones. The network will enable vehicles to communicate with other cars efficiently and in a faster way. This will propel the realization of one of the sustainable development goals- smart cities.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The innovation of incorporating SaaS with AI services is one of the best trends that the future holds for us. This means that we are expecting 2020 to bring us cheaper AI services from the SaaS businesses. Service providers like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon are at the forefront in incorporating AI into their products and their services as well. Products like Siri, Alexa, and google assistants are all AI integrated to enhance the performance of these products.

The service providers are investing in AI innovation to enhance their client experience and adjust their businesses. AI will enable these companies to predict and give some solutions to their problems in an efficient manner. This will be beneficial since it will be cheaper for the company and convenient since the AI stimulated computers can work for longer periods than humans. The most probable innovation that we are likely to see in 2020 is the subscription of AI performed tasks being offered by the service providers.

Blockchain Innovations

Blockchain is older than most of us can imagine. The idea of blockchain has been around since 1980 but has gained momentum and ground in recent years. The future of cryptocurrencies has been uncertain but the blockchain innovation is here to stay.

If you are in it or you may not be sure about it, you have every reason to trust and believe that blockchain will still be around. Not just around, but will gain grounds and through integrating it with AI, efficiency is guaranteed. The integration of blockchain and AI will prevent some of the illegal and malicious actions, secure your data transfer and also enable a clear and transparent way of doing business.

Blockchain is gaining momentum at a faster rate and 2020 can be the year that we will witness the launch of Facebook’s blockchain cryptocurrency. Expect more from blockchain in the coming years since cryptocurrency is the digital coin that many are excited about.

The Innovations Concerning Analytics Will Propel Businesses With A Fine Margin

Many businesses evaluate and measure their performance to tell if things are right or if they are losing track. The use of analytics will not only measure success but also do some predictions for the businesses. It will be able to know shifts in the market and market structure, thanks to the innovation and advancements of analytics.

Analytics will enhance business performance by using the business with large amounts of data and turning it into useful information that is simple to work on. Analytics tools with some help from IoT will utilize your business’ data, evaluate it and provide simple data for the business. Simple here means that analytics will detect any issues on the data, do some analysis and even give out some of the best possible solutions. Analytics will rely heavily on AI and Machine Learning to bring out useful changes in businesses in 2020.

Mobile Commerce

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Top 5 Innovations That Will Define Businesses In 2020

The near future comes packed with a lot of goodies. We are edging closer to witnessing a cashless and cardless method of conduct business. The innovation of Mobile Commerce has brought about payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

The future will be a safe place to shop in since everyone will be able to pay for their shopping without carrying cash or cards. This comes with a lot of impacts and the question is, will we be able to bear the implications and the impacts that come with these innovations?

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