Tips For Designing Real Estate Business Card Ideas

real estate business card ideas

Many real estate agents carry around their own business card collection. While many are professionally printed and carry the professional image, there are also some real estate card ideas for those who prefer handwritten, not typed. Here are some interesting ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Business cards come in all the normal real estate business card sizes of 4.5″ x 3.5″. While this standard size is meant to fit neatly into a wallet, it actually much more versatile than this! The portability (in conjunction with very affordable print costs) make business cards the perfect companion to almost any marketing campaign. They can be used to make presentations, handed out at auctions, handed out to prospects and friends, passed out as gifts, etc. In fact, a handwritten card gives a better impression of a person – one that is friendly, helpful and professional.

Another idea for a real estate business card would be to make it slightly larger. You can do this by printing on the front side an attractive image or graphic. If you are selling a particular piece of real estate software, you could put that on the front of the card. Another idea is to use your home phone number on the front of the card. This gives a person a personal touch and could help get potential clients to call you.

Real Estate Business Card Ideas

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The backside of the cards can also be used for very lucrative reasons. You can print information about yourself or your services. This could include the office phone number and/or fax number. Other real estate advertising information can be placed on the backside as well.

Many real estate professionals carry around business cards in their purse or wallet. These cards can be very useful for giving potential clients a quick introduction to you and your real estate firm. Some examples of real estate card ideas include:

There are many different types of cards available. Business cards can be thin, card stock and thick. They can be laminated, embossed, silk screened, magnetic and a number of other things. A real estate professional can choose whatever he feels will best represent his or her company.

Many people are now taking advantage of the Internet to advertise their real estate business. There are a number of websites that offer real estate classifieds. By placing advertisements on these sites, a real estate agent can reach a much larger market. This, in turn, gives them more business than they would receive if they just stuck to the local paper.

A Much Ado

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In order to promote their business, real estate agents must use business cards. One of the best ways to do this is online. There are a number of sites that offer many different types of business card ideas. One can find free printable business card templates online. This will save an agent a lot of time and money.

Other options include visiting your local library or office supply store. These places generally have many different kinds of business cards a person could use. They usually have nice display areas where one can view all types of cards before making a decision. An agent must be careful not to put too many photos on a card because it may distract a potential client.

If a person wants to design his own real estate business card, he or she should look online. One can find a lot of inspiration by visiting different websites that offer templates for business cards. These are usually fairly simple to use and the results are usually very good. Some websites even offer examples so that a person can get a better idea of how to design his or her own card.

Final Thoughts 

There are also a number of websites that sell printed cards online. Some of these companies specialize in real estate specific cards. A person looking for a card to promote his or her business should check out those sites. Cards sold on these sites tend to be quite expensive since the company selling them will likely buy the name and the business address from the seller and then add a designer to the front. The seller will likely charge more for the item than what it would cost for a person to purchase the same type of card at a store.

A person who wants to purchase a business card is wise to keep in mind what they will be using the card for. This will help a person make a wise purchasing decision. It can be useful to take along some notes when shopping. A good idea is to ask a friend or co-worker who has a card for his or her own business. This person may be able to provide some insight into the best choices.

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