The Secrets Of Googles Business Strategy -

The Secrets Of Googles Business Strategy

google's business strategy

It is obvious to remember that Google is the benchmark search engine across the globe. It is the closest thing to a monopoly in this field that one can imagine. According to their data, 98% of users use Google in Spain. But what we pay less attention to is that it managed to become a giant without advertising, by pure virality, by word of mouth, by the evidence of its usefulness, or the quality of its service, which is also free. Bernardo Hernández, Google’s global product marketing director, gave the keys to the US giant’s marketing strategy during his visit to Vigo. We separate them into eight sections:

Product Value Builds Brand

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Google is not just a search engine. It is a problem solver. It is a user-oriented company to solve their needs through innovation and technology. But the value is provided by its products: the speed and usefulness of the search engine, the capacity of email.

Marketing To Help The Product


Google does not do marketing for Google but its products. Help your products where they need it, in their weaknesses. That is why, in Spain, they do not carry out search engine campaigns, as it sweeps.

Experiential Campaigns

We have conscientiously avoided the term viral. They are experiential and exciting campaigns that, besides, offer the possibility of replication to the user. In that case, they achieved more than 250,000 user-created stories.


In the previous examples, we have already seen it, but it is a strategic key: it is not so much that they are expensive projects as creative projects, that they encourage people to see and share them. In this example, Google reinforces the idea of ​​how fast Google Chrome is?


Companies that have innovation management in their DNA are characterized by maintaining a work environment where managers show a high level of trust in their team and decisions they can make (empowerment). Like Google does the same to win the trust of its employees.


In its more “complex” products, Google also has an educational purpose. With Arcade Fire, they teach users the potential of Chrome (it is only possible in this browser) and geolocation since it is a video that is personalized based on the place from which it is requested.


Google has already declared mobile Internet strategic. Compared to Apple’s more closed values, mobile and open are the prime keys to Android. In this case, we see a video that highlights the usefulness of the mobile for searches. The extraordinary thing about the matter is that it takes more than 10 minutes with a man repeating “pizza.” The key is that surprises are hidden in the video.

The Last One: Moral Mission

There is nothing worse than a worker who has no motivation or makes sense of his work. For this reason, Google decides to instill a moral mission in the functions of each one. There is nothing more motivating than working towards a goal.

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