Technology News: Top Trending Technologies

Cloud computing is one of the latest technology news.

Anyone who’s been keen on the latest technology news can agree that more creative mind boxes keep surfacing. Existing technologies continue to undergo different evolutions and at the same time, entirely new ones are sprouting.

Our technology news feeds today are decorated with amazing technological trends that will definitely define startup companies in the coming years. Here is a list of some of the technologies we should look for in 2020 and beyond:

Have You Checked The Latest Technology News On AI Robots?

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Technology News. Top Trending Technologies

When robots were just a concept, it was impossible to imagine that a machine could be programmed to talk, think and act like human beings. Fast forward some decades later and it’s impossible to make a ten-year projection without a robot featuring anywhere.

The most recent technology news has it that robots are being made to do more task-specific tasks such as delivering cannabis. A tech startup called Green box is able to power its robots to deliver multiple cannabis products.

The robot is backed by an interactive touch screen which enables it to perform underlying functions such as monitoring the temperature and shelf life of the cannabis products. Green box is able to automatically analyze purchasing trends, in addition to reaching more customers at ago.

Artificial intelligence is finding its footing quite fast, and countries like China even have robotic waiters.  Robotics is a niche that will provide a loophole for different startup opportunities, hence hopeful entrepreneurs should take advantage. Identify a task that people find difficult to perform and provide a solution to it.

What of 5G Technology?

Every generation of mobile networks has presented us with endless opportunities in regard to startup businesses. We are currently anticipating the imminent arrival of the 5G wireless network which is likely to shift digital operations in every way possible. With almost every digital device integrating this wireless network, stakeholders are expecting a new era of digital operations and services. 

Actually, this network is not alien, because we have countries that have started adopting its use. The network launched in late 2018 and has already been deployed in 5 countries, namely South Korea, China, Germany, U.K, and the United States. Although its deployment has experienced a few setbacks, forecasters are positive that by 2020, it will arrive in many more countries. China is particularly propagating the deployment of the 5G network at an accelerated speed.

How does the arrival of 5G affect your start-up company? Well, according to technology news, this wireless network can connect many devices at the same time, hence, operations will be faster and more efficient.

Traffic will be increased almost five times as compared to the current 4G network. Startups should, therefore, prepare their systems by integrating the 5G culture and making sure all team players are on the same page. Certain employees may need room for adjustments and companies can do this by providing training opportunities on the network.

Extended Realities Is Among The Trending Topics On Technology News

Extended realities have emerged and their popularity seems to be getting better and better. Fully immersive digital experiences are the order of the day, and Augmented Realities, Virtual Realities, and Mixed realities take the biscuit for this. All you need are headsets or 3-D glasses and you can be part of an awfully compelling digital world.

In the coming years, we are likely to experience more of such realities albeit they won’t be reserved for the entertainment domain. Actually, sectors such as health, E-commerce, and education are already adopting the use of such technology. In a few years, we will have virtual showrooms that will allow online shoppers to view and even try out items before putting them in their carts.

In addition Tech behemoths like Google and Apple are also making appearances through Virtual reality. With apps such as ARKit and ARCore respectively, a mobile app developer can easily create AR and VR apps. This realm will experience an upswing, hence benefiting both start-up and established companies alike.

Don’t Forget To Check On Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing, Network, Internet
Technology News: Top Trending New Technologies

Diversified sources of technology news agree to one solid fact: cloud architecture is gradually becoming the centerpiece of enterprise operations. Cloud computing or simply, ‘the cloud’ is a term you’ve probably come across in different tech news. The cloud, therefore, refers to the storage of computer programs on the internet instead of using hard drives.

Information stored through cloud computing is easily accessible and cannot be lost.  Multi-cloud trends will be on the rise, with most companies opting to use multiple cloud computing amenities.

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