My plan after graduation essay

After I graduate from college, I plan on moving back to my hometown and helping my parents with their farm. I want to use the skills that I’ve learned in college to help my family and contribute to the local community. I also plan on continuing my education by taking online courses and studying agriculture so that I can be better equipped to help my family and community.

I want to bring my friends from college with me back home. A lot of people I know are struggling after graduating, and they would love the chance to live in a small town for a little while where they could work hard outside, play some sports, and continue working toward their degrees online. My parents’ farm is essentially right by a college, so it would be a great place for my friends to stay while they get their bearings and then continue their education. I think that the simple, rural lifestyle would be a good change of pace for them without being too difficult of a transition.

High school phase:

When I was in high school, everyone knew about a drug problem in our school. I was affected by it because a lot of my friends were on drugs or knew people who were. I became focused on looking for more positive outlets for the kids in our community to get involved with, and helping them get off drugs. I think that if some of my college friends came back home with me, they would be able to set up similar programs in my hometown. I think that they’re motivated people, and they would be able to get the kids on track with their lives. If we can help even one person stay away from drugs by providing them with sports or mentoring, I think it will have been worth it.

College phase:

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I understand that not everyone has the chance to go to college, but I think it’s important for everyone to have a good education. Even if my friends can’t get their degrees online, they’ll still be able to contribute a lot of the skills that they’ve learned in school. They’re all smart people who would be able to help the town with its problems and become part of the community if they want to.

I plan on spending the rest of my life here in this small town, and I think that the best thing I can do for it brings back some people who will be positive influences on everyone else. My friends are quick to adapt, so I think that if they came back with me for a few months, they would enjoy the change of pace.

What do you think? Would my plan be helpful for both parties? What could my friends and I bring to this community that it doesn’t already have? How can we help out?

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