How To Become A Business Strategy Manager In A Company

Business Strategy Manager

A business strategy manager is one who is at the core of a business decision and process of the company. In order to advance and grow in business, a good strategy manager is vital. The roles of a manager are to take care of planning and execution and motivate employees to achieve goals. They take both short term and long term decisions as their expertise allows them to see beyond the immediate results and layers. Their job includes proposing various solutions and innovative ideas to fulfill the gaps in businesses.

Business Strategy Manager Qualifications

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To become a strategy manager in businesses, one must do a Bachelor’s degree in subjects relating to business administration, finance, taxes, economics and other sectors. Since a bachelor’s degree which is usually four years is not enough, an aspirant must go through intensive training in the form of internships. Interning at various companies and start-ups provide them an exposure to the real world where application is needed.

Once they start working and applying their concepts and knowledge, a wide array of spectrum opens up before them. As a result most people are able to find out their true interests and apply for a MBA or masters in specific fields. Once that is done, they must enter as an entry level executive and go through a grind of many years in the beginning. They must acquire certifications and work experience under reputed leaders in the business.

Talents And Skills Of A Business Strategy Manager

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A strategy manager overlooks more than just the process in a business. They help in recruitment of employees, training, and retention and performance evaluation. The strategists work to create a presentation of strategies and present it to the client. Their job profiles demand them to communicate and collaborate with different departments and come up with strategic solutions to complex problems.

Therefore, people aspiring to become one must hold skills in mathematical and statistical knowledge, problem solving, decision making, interpersonal, communication, organizational skills and the ability to multitask at one point of time.

Job Opportunities Of A Strategy Manager

As a strategy manager there are a lot of positions in a company that you can fulfill. Some roles and responsibilities include Business analyst, financial analyst, research investigator, business development coordinator, process coordinator, consumer insight analyst, marketing consultant, Strategic initiatives associate and product strategist.

The industries that seek strategists are manufacturing, accommodation and food services, health care and social assistance, managing companies and enterprises, public administration and professional and technical services.


In summation, it is important to know that the array of work is broader than what is mentioned above. Today many online businesses and marketing campaigns require business strategy managers that can help them review and recommend improvements while doing a root cause analysis to their existing problems. They must be clear with making decisions and work on business cases based on analytics.

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