Did You Miss Anything On The Latest Technology News?

The latest technology has brought alonf some goodies for different sectors of the economy

Technology is growing rapidly and there is new upcoming technology news each moment. As we usher the beginning of a new year, we have to acknowledge some of the tech innovations that have happened recently. In case you did miss that latest technology news, worry not since I have you covered.

So, which are some of the latest technology news that might have slipped your face?

With The Latest Technology News, Your Sweat Could Easily Give You Away

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Did You Miss Anything On The Latest Technology News?

With the latest technology news, the anthem has changed to ‘Don’t sweat and drive.’ This is because sweat contains your DNA and can easily be used as biometric. You are therefore advised not to live your sweaty fingers on a crime scene since it could sell you off.

In the coming days, your sweat could sell you off when you stopover for some drink. This is because sweat glands lie closer to the blood circulation and particles of ethanol are actually transferred to your sweat as you enjoy your beer. This will make it easier to know your drunk level as the machine will be able to measure the amount of alcohol you have consumed. This prototype works in about a minute’s time upon placing it on the suspect’s skin. Look out for this prototype in the near future those of you who like drinking and driving.

The Latest Technology News Holds That We Will Be Able To See Many Automated Freight Trucks In The Future

Technology is on its verge of solving some of our problems. After the trucking labour market went down in 2003, a company came up with a solution to fix this issue. Since trucking is the main method of delivering goods across the US, this industry had to be kept intact. The latest technology news has it that the self-driven trucks are already making deliveries across Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

The future is brighter and none of our favourite foods or cravings will be delayed by a shortage of truck drivers. The future is promising since the automated trucks are already working in some states. It, therefore, suggests that the market demands and economies won’t be interfered with. The delay of these products has been sorted and nothing is stopping our economy, not even the shortage of truck drivers!

The Nuclear Reactors Will Be Tiny And Simple For More Safer Clean Energy

An energy startup in Oregon is working to change our perception of nuclear energy. They have come up with a tiny and simple reactor that will provide safer nuclear energy than what we used to believe about nuclear power.  The tiny reactors will be much safer to handle in an emergency situation and they are easy to install in the clusters.

As the old dangerous reactors are being faced out, the future will be willing to welcome the new reactors with open arms. The latest technology news holds that these new reactors will be installed in the operating area and within the confines of the users.

New reactors are easy to handle and the risks associated with them are greatly minimized compared to the older reactors.

The Future Brings Electric Flights That Will Fly For Approximately 15 MInutes

The world is moving to a sustainable ecosystem. This means that plane engineers are also coming up with electric planes to replace the ones that use fuel. ‘MagniX’ in collaboration with Harbour Air has come up with a complete electric plane that flies for 15 minutes. They will (plane) use lithium batteries which are also with electric cars. The energy from the batteries, therefore, allows the plane to make flights around Vancouver taking people to nearby Islands and resorts.

Photography of Airplane during Sunrise
Did You Miss Anything On The Latest Technology News?

I believe this is the pacesetter for the future electric flight that will fly for long hours. And with this kind of technology, a better future with reduced carbon footprints is promising. The future is not only bright but assures us a sustainable society that will take care of its environment with emerging technology.

Let us support green technology by appreciating the companies that come up with sustainability ideas. The future is green and with this kind of technology, this passes our generations from other risks associated with other non-biodegradable fuels.

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