5 Most Successful Startup Ideas For 2020

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Many people look forward to starting their own business every year. With a plethora of startup ideas out there, it can be a bit confusing which is worth considering. As a keen entrepreneur, you will wish to start a business that is less risky and highly rewarding. Put your lingering thoughts to rest as we have come up with some of the most successful startup ideas to consider in 2020. Take a look:

Catering Service

If you master the art of cooking, look no further, and start a home-based catering business. Catering service is one of the best and most successful startup ideas for men and women who are great cooks. Start on a small scale by delivering food in neighborhood and nearby schools, hostels, and offices. Once your food business is on the track, you can cater for large events like weddings, parties, and so on.

5 Most Successful Startup Ideas For 2020

Website Flipping

College students and software engineers can consider the website flipping business. If you are good at designing websites, you can buy exiting websites and re-design them to sell them later. Even if you find it difficult to manage all the tasks solely, you can hire workers. For instance – you can do designing part if you are a designer and hire a content writer who can improve the websites’ content. Remember to sell the websites in such a way that can earn you a considerable profit.   

Email Marketing

If you are good at composing emails, you can easily get into the email marketing business. You can directly work with companies and handle email marketing tasks for them. If you do it rightly, it will bring great ROI for the companies and eventually more income to you. You can also do this business on a personal level by building your email list, choosing the right email marketing provider and tools, and partnering with the right campaign.

Instagram Influencer

With the growing popularity of Instagram, many people are resorting to the social platform for earning money. It goes without saying one can earn a lot by being an influencer on Instagram. To be a good influencer, you have to be wise while selecting the niche. Although the niche can be anything, you have to select the area you are well versed with. Start by creating and publishing interesting posts for the target audience. Use other social platforms to gain your followers. Once you manage to build an ardent fan following, you will begin to earn through affiliate marketers, companies, and brands.

Best Startup Ideas For 2020
5 Most Successful Startup Ideas For 2020

Travel Consultant

If you are fond of traveling, nothing can be a better startup idea than being a travel consultant. Help people with scouring the best deals on their flights, hotels, and excursions and get paid in return. Start with your friends, colleagues, and family and use their word of mouth publicity to kick start your business. Make sure to create groups or pages on social platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to promote your travel consulting business. Once you have that solid follower base, travel agencies will be contacting you.

These are some of the most successful startup ideas for the year 2020 and beyond!

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