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4 Etsy Business Ideas To Get You Going

etsy business ideas

There are many Etsy business ideas to choose from, especially if you are looking for a home base online business that you can run from your own home. Etsy is a unique website where buyers and sellers come together on the internet to create handmade crafts. These handmade crafts range anywhere from beads and vintage fabrics to cookware and paintings. The sellers on Etsy not only sell their handmade crafts, they also promote the handmade crafts of other Etsy sellers.

Many people that use Etsy for online business ideas love the fact that they do not have to worry about shipping products, processing payments, inventory control or having a website of their own. Etsy sellers are able to take care of all of these things themselves, and they get to keep 100% of the profits.

Instead of dealing with customer service, paperwork and inventory control, sellers on Etsy handle the transaction between buyers and sellers. They make the sales and then take care of the customers.


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By promoting jewelry craft fairs on your website, you will be able to connect with potential customers all over the world. You can also promote any of the handmade jewelry attire studios sell on their website. By promoting your affiliate links, you can attract more buyers and sellers to your website, which will lead to increased sales for both your studio and for Etsy.

Another excellent idea for using the power of the online marketplace to make money through affiliate marketing is to become an affiliate for artfire studios. Artfire studios sell a variety of handmade arts and crafts including paper decorations, jewelry and clay. By promoting artwork by this studio on your blog or website, you can help increase the traffic to their website and thereby increase your own customer base as well.

Make Money From The Online Marketplace

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If you want to make money from the online marketplace, it is also important to get quality leads to your website or blog. Fortunately, there are many great lead capture pages that can help you do just that. These sites are designed to help you connect with potential buyers.

They collect visitor information so that you can build an email list of sellers interested in the products and services your business offers. When you have a large customer base, it is easy to promote new products and services on your website and through email campaigns.

eBay is another great way to make money online and an excellent place to connect with potential customers. There are thousands of sellers who sell handmade, vintage and limited edition goods on eBay. There are also several successful sellers who use their own personal websites to display their listings. eBay is a great way to promote handmade artisans as well as find large ticket items for your store.

Etsy Business Ideas

With all these Etsy business ideas, you are sure to have something that will be successful for you. Just remember to focus on one area at a time and to keep track of your progress with paper calendars to measure your progress. Stay positive even if things do not go as planned. You will learn from your mistakes and become better prepared the next time you try to launch your Etsy business.

Bottom Line

Starting your own handmade craft business can be fun and exciting. It can also be confusing and overwhelming at the same time. Take your time and make sure to plan ahead before diving in. Your hard work will pay off with a rewarding, successful business that you can enjoy running!

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