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10 Contents To Include In Business Proposal Template To Make It Attractive

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A business proposal template is a document that a B2B or business facing Company uses where a seller aims to persuade a potential buyer into buying their services or goods. It also outlines what your business is and what you can offer your client. You should design a business proposal template that holds the attention of clients to identify their main points. And then provide your buyer with the proper solution to relieve those frustrations. Here is a list of contents that you can include in your business proposal template that makes it look complete and attractive to the consumer.

Include These Points For A High-Level Business Proposal Template

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Before you begin to create a business proposal template, you need to know what it should consist of. At a high level, your template for a business proposal should include the following:

Business Proposal Title

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The title of your template could mean the difference if someone is reading your template or ignoring it. You can include the following essential elements to make a good title page:

  • Your name along with your Company’s name.
  • The name of the prospect
  • The submission date of the proposal

Table Of Contents

The fundamental part of every business template is the Table of Contents. It makes your proposal easy to read and scannable.

Executive Summary

The executive summary is a business proposal outline that is easy to look over.

The goals of your executive summary should be:

  • Introduce your Company to your buyer
  • Provide an overview of company goals
  • Showcase your Company’s overall vision, milestones, and plans. 
  • Include any other relevant details

The Problem Statement

Problem statement helps show your buyers that you have done your homework instead of sending them a generic pitch. This part develops a sense of urgency in your prospect.

The proposed solution

In this section, you show how you can solve your potential buyer’s pain points. You should spare no details concerning the solution you are providing.


Your job is to convince the buyers that you can fix their problems. And this section acts as social proof. You can highlight in this section what your Company performs best and how qualified your team is.

The Timeline

To further demonstrate your preparation, provide a timeline of when and how you will complete all your deliverables. You can do this by designing a flowchart or a roadmap with deadlines. 

Pricing, Billing, And Legal

On this page, you can outline your payment schedule, fees, payment terms, and legal aspects involved in this deal.

Terms And Conditions

This step is crucial as it includes all the legal aspects of the deal. This is why the terms and conditions section needs to be as transparent as possible.

The Acceptance

This section is the final step of the business proposal template. At the end of your proposal template, add a small section to get the required signatures. Make sure you also include contact information in your business template.


By including all these contents in your business proposal template, you can satisfy your buyers by providing all the information they would want to know and hoping that the shared information is up to your expectations and value for you.

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